Friday, July 10, 2009

Waiting For Miley.

If we are lucky in this life we find someone we can't live without, someone who makes us whole, someone who makes all the pain that is life on this rock almost bearable. And if we are really lucky, that someone feels the same about us. Well I guess I'm lucky, because I've found that someone. For me, that search is over. And now I'm just waiting, waiting for that someone to see me the way I see her. I know her as Miley, but you probably know her by her actor name...Hannah. In just shy of a year and a half she'll be legal and then, if there's not some cruel twist of fate, we'll be together. Sure, she'll be older by then, but I can love her in spite of that. Maybe not for long, but I'll love her none the less.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Another One Bites The Lust.

Only hours after posting my scorching expose on the Pitfalls of Christian Rock Music, I received a letter which saddened me deeply. I must admit even I was surprised at the complete and utter devastation that has befallen the writer. Here is her story, in her own words. Her Identity has been hidden for her safety:

"Father Keeble, I must thank you for your truthful words about Christian Rock and its unholiness. As a former member of Sonseed (I won't say who, but I am a guilty of my own shamefully seductive glance), I am quite saddened by all of the horrible innuendos I now see in this video - if you only know what went on behind the scenes! I had to be Zzzapped quite literally to get the raucous past out of my head. The drugs, the alcohol, the endless string of late night buffets. In dealing with said past, I have continued overeating to the point that I am now a strong contender for Dance Your A** Off season 2! (Provided they can cut a hole in my wall and extract me. Ala Hambone) Anyhoo, I just wanted to thank you and WMTDS for shining the light of truth on and my former bandmates and myself and our seedy behavior- no pun intended. Also, I pray that one day every voice I hear does not sound like that of a human cyborg. D YOU SONSEED!"~Love Anonymous

How a life can be so utterly destroyed is difficult to comprehend. But I say to you today only this, the hypnotic banging of drums, the demonic squeal of distorted guitars, the low rumblings of the electric bass, the otherworldly droning of modern synthesizer units, and screeching of loud voices will only lead your soul to one place, and there are not any pearly gates there. Lo, there is only suffering and fire...lots and lots of fire.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Caged Fightning is not for the skweemish!

OML last night I saw a tv show that I will not soon forget watching. It was called United Fighting Cages of America or UFC for shoert. I did not believe my own eyes! Violence was everywhere. A man called Randy Couture put his fists all over anuther man's face until there was blood in his nose! Why Randy? Couldn't you just talk this one out? Bejamin Franklins once said "the first man to throw a punch is the first one who didn't have a good idea" also he said "Two birds in your hands is better than two birds in the bushes" and sadly, I agree.

What has our world come to that men will hit each other for moneys? When I was a boy I hit some other childrens and got in trouble. Now if I went and hit some childrens I guess I would get rich and fanous! Why didn't I think of that? Has our world became like that planet that Captain Kirk landed on that time when he had to Fight Dr, Spock with that metal pole? I hope not! Because I don't want to have to kill Andy or Father Keeble just so I can get rich do I? WTD? Mr Couture If you are listening please find a new thing to do for moneys. Because hitting is for baseballs not faces!!!! Shalom and peace be on us.

Go Doctor Spock!