Thursday, July 2, 2009

Caged Fightning is not for the skweemish!

OML last night I saw a tv show that I will not soon forget watching. It was called United Fighting Cages of America or UFC for shoert. I did not believe my own eyes! Violence was everywhere. A man called Randy Couture put his fists all over anuther man's face until there was blood in his nose! Why Randy? Couldn't you just talk this one out? Bejamin Franklins once said "the first man to throw a punch is the first one who didn't have a good idea" also he said "Two birds in your hands is better than two birds in the bushes" and sadly, I agree.

What has our world come to that men will hit each other for moneys? When I was a boy I hit some other childrens and got in trouble. Now if I went and hit some childrens I guess I would get rich and fanous! Why didn't I think of that? Has our world became like that planet that Captain Kirk landed on that time when he had to Fight Dr, Spock with that metal pole? I hope not! Because I don't want to have to kill Andy or Father Keeble just so I can get rich do I? WTD? Mr Couture If you are listening please find a new thing to do for moneys. Because hitting is for baseballs not faces!!!! Shalom and peace be on us.

Go Doctor Spock!

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