Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cinematic Titanic :: The Doomsday Machine

Joel Hodgson, Trace Beaulieu, J Elvis Weinstein, Frank Conniff, Mary Jo Pehl and a real turd of a movie. What more could one ask for? Well maybe some pita chips and hummus, but that's cool. Let's review...

The last couple of years have brought us the return of Mystery Science Theater 3000 in the form of Cinematic Titanic and Rifftrax which a lot of people have boiled down to two opposing teams, The Joel Team vs. The Mike Team, as if it were a competition. I'm sure there's some good-natured rivalry there. But, in my opinion, there's really no need to have the Joel vs. Mike debate. It's apples and oranges. Like asking which is better, A1 or Heinz 57. They're both savory sauces, and quite delicious in their own right, but ultimately it just depends if you like it tangy or a tad sweet. Well as for me, I like both.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that, like an open marriage, it's okay to love both Rifftrax and Cinematic Titanic, and I do. So tonight it was the Cinematic Titans, and together we watched The Doomsday Machine before they left me alone with my cat like so many women before them. But I digress.

I won't review The Doomsday Machine itself, as I don't like giving away plot points. (Although I didn't actually notice any, still I'm fairly certain there were some hiding in there somewhere.) What I do want to review is the Cinematic Titanic experience. And my review is going to be short and to the point. Cinematic Titanic is, at it's essence, the "Joel years" of MST3K and then some. Watching The Doomsday Machine (or any of the other Cinematic Titanic titles for that matter) is like sitting down to watch a z-grade movie with old friends. Old friends with PhD.'s in riffing mind you, but old friends none the less. Sure you might miss the 'bots, but that's just a testament to strangely familial feelings these guys elicit. In short, Cinematic Titanic is everything you would want it to be. It's MST3K v3.0.2* and I like it and, if you've read this far, I'm certain you'll like it too.

If you haven't seen a Cinematic Titanic flick, get The Doomsday Machine. Heck get them all! Buy 'em, watch 'em, and tell your friends about 'em. I bought mine from because I have little patience (EZTakes offers immediate download) And, just for the record, I'm in no way affiliated with Cinematic Titanic, or EZtakes. I just want to keep them keeping me laughing. Werd up!
*In all fairness, Rifftrax was out first and has thus been designated MST3K v3.0.1 by our staff. - Tod

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  1. The movie certainly comes with very strong recommendations from you. It's all the push I need to see the movie.