Saturday, October 30, 2010

Coaled Storage by Todd of Todd Reviews©

Wow! What a terrifying movie i have just seen! it was a docudrama called Coaled Storage and it is also a scary romantic comedy about Clyve Mercer, a Greek Fishermen who, lives in Tennessees, his girlfriends Rosalee I and II and his friend Luther. As i watched this movie I felt very scared that i would someday find myself in the same shoes as Rosalee I, who was the lady who was visiting Clyves house before Luther invited her over for the sleepover that turned out so bad! If you ever see this movie make sure you sit on a trashbag or at least have someone with you, or you might acsidentally go weewee on your couch out of scaredness like I did! Now guess what? I have to pay
Blackman Moreing Corporation of North America $75 just to make it smell like a regular couch again! Also I spilled some milk on it one time and it smelled like old cheese for a long time! See Coaled Storage Today!

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