Saturday, September 5, 2009


Last night I woke up from a very hard dream. In it, I met a young squirrel who could speak, but only in French. I searched the whole of the land looking for a current French/English dictionary. Finally I found one at a participating Rite Aid Superstore. And, after hours of decoding the mysterious young squirrels French-infused diatribe, I leered at my Big Chief Tablet and read aloud the quandary he posed to me. 'Why aren't there more songs about farting?' it read. "Exactly" I said to myself. Why didn't I think of that? And then I wept as the young squirrel became a beautiful butterfly and flew away. And I could swear that, as he disappeared over the horizon, I heard a tiny little butterfly fart. Thank you Mr. Sandman. May all of your dreams come true.

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