Wednesday, June 24, 2009

If She Didn't Want Me Looking In Her Window, Why Didn't She Fix That One Blind? by Stormcrow

I can't go into too much detail due to some legal mumbo jumbo, but I have to ask you. If you didn't want people looking into your window, would you leave one of the slats on your mini-blinds kind of bent up where anyone could just climb through your hedges and look through?

Me neither! But that's what I was faced with last Thursday night while out for a late night stroll through my cousin's apartment complex. There I am just minding my own business, headed up to Citgo Xpress to get some Copenhagen and a Miller Lite, when I look over and see the faint shadow of what appears to be a legal aged woman motioning for me to come to her window. So I quietly climb through the hedges and see an opening in the blinds. Naturally I look to see what I can see, and to my surprise I see a beautiful young *(This portion of Mr. Cohen's account has been deleted due to ongoing litigation- WMTDS Legal Dept.)* ...because I'm in handcuffs in the back seat of a cop car waiting for my ride downtown. She won't even look at me!

Anyhow a few hours later, Tod comes down and posts bail for me and I go home and try to call *(This portion of Mr. Cohen's account has also been deleted due to ongoing litigation- WMTDS Legal Dept.)* ...but I don't think she has a foot to stand on! I'd try to go reason with her but her parents slapped a restraining order on me so fast my head spun. Nevertheless, she's working Tuesday night at the student union, so hopefully I'll get a chance to talk to her. I am prepared to offer her up to $250.00 and an iPod shuffle in recompense. I don't expect her to ask me to Sadie Hawkins, but I'm really tired of being made to feel like some kind of weirdo. You know what I mean?

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