Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sings of the Apocalypse! by Father Keeble

I am here today to address one of our nations most rapidly growing problems, "Christian Rock and Roll" music. As most of you already know, young people are flocking to it in droves, like lambs to a slaughter. It's touted as being an alternative to the more harmful secular brand of music populating the airwaves today. And this is precisely what's wrong with so called "Christian Rock". It is virtually indistinguishable from the satanic secular rock and roll that is corrupting our nations most vulnerable minds. It's loud, raucous, angry, and filled with subversive overtones. Below is a video by one of the hottest Christian "Rock and Rollers" in the last several years. They call themselves Sonseed. This is a group so vile in it's appearance and delivery that I shutter to feature their "music" here. And, if not for the souls literally hanging in the balance, indeed I would not. Take special note of the lascivious look given the viewer by the lead "singer" at around 1:13, followed almost immediately by backup "singer" Larry Phillips attempting to look down the blouse of his female cohort. Watch, but with extreme prayerfulness, the music video below. And then repent for what you've seen. Zzzap!

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