Sunday, June 7, 2009

Paul Blart-Mall Cops.

The night before today I watched the movie Paul Blart: mall cops. What a good movie! I laufghed so hard I sh-t my pants. Litterraly! Luckily it was a solid so I blamed my dog Lamar for the smells. He always stinks so I think my girlfrind Serah believed me. Now that was a close one! anyways after the movie I cleaned up with some Clorox brand wet wipes and me and Serah had a long discussion about whut we had seen. The movie Paul Blart: mall cops was really strong with deep thoughts. I woodn't advise watching Paul Blart: mall cops alone though. You might feel overwhelmed. But if you have a frind or two it will b fun! LOL! thums up for me. BUY IT!!!!

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  1. Thanks TOd! I will watch this with my love partner soon and may I say, thank goodness for Lamar!